Social media analytics and reporting

Social media analytics and reporting – campaigns can be analyzed is many ways. But the 3 principles remain:

  • identify valuable metrics
  • do not rely on vanity metrics
  • install platform tracking and conversion pixels


Facebook Audience Insights


This parameter allows to learn about audience engagement and performance metrics from the entire Facebook activity. This analyzis allows to deliver targeted and meaningful messages to the right people.

In the matter of Ads Manager, every ad needs to be carefully scrutinized to understand its performance.


Twitter analytics


Twitter has a selection of tools to analyze tweets and understand behavior of the followers. There are 3 main areas there: account home, which provides a summary of account activity. A detailed information how the account is performing is available there, ad how the account is progressing. Twitter includes also helpful tips how to improve the account strategy. In the campaign dashboard serves to manage twitter ads manager and is used for gathering campaign data.


LinkedIn analytics


Company Page Analytics belongs to LinkedIn native reporting tools. It serves to gain insights from Company Page performance. There are two types of Visitor Analytics: traffic metrics and visitor demographics.

Campaign Manager provides performance metrics helping to measure effectiveness of ad campaigns.

All those parameters provide information on who s engaging with the business and post updates.


Instagram analytics


Instagram analytics is used to analyze content and followers, to tailor posts to the relevant audience and correctly measure post performance. Instagram performance can be analyzed by Facebook Ads Manager.


Snapchat analytics

Snapchat analytics provides data on the average spend, number of impressions, swipes, cost per swipe and effective Click per Thousand  Impressions (eCPM).