Creating a YouTube channel

There are two types of YouTube channel:

  • personal: only one admin, personal details
  • brand: multiple managers, no personal details


Creating of both channels is pretty straightforward.


Uploading a video to the YouTube channel

  1. Sign to Google (user needs to have a google account)
  2. Go to YouTube channel
  3. Click on “Upload”
  4. Select video privacy settings
  5. Select the path
  6. Select basic information about the video and advanced settings.
  7. Click “Don” and “Publish”.
  8. Use “Share” to privately share the video.




For greater visibility it is good to add tot he video:

  • video title
  • video description
  • tags
  • thumbnail: allows the viewers to see a quick snapshot of the video when they are browsing youtube. Adding a thumbnail si easy:
    • Sign in to youtube
    • Go to Creator Studio / Video Manager
    • Click Edit close to the video
    • On the left preview screen select appropriate thumbnail
    • Save changes
  • add YouTube cards to the video (video or playlist, channel, poll, link to website, donation)


Four rules of an effective creative

  • attract attention
  • brand yourself naturally
  • connect with the viewer
  • try to direct the user


Elements of Creator Studio

  • dashboard
  • video manager
  • community
  • channel
  • analytics
  • create



YouTube analytic reports

  • earning reports: estimated performance and earnings
  • watch-time reports: traffic sources, overall watch time, views and audience retention
  • engagement reports: reports about subscribers and annotations