How to create a paid promotion campaign on popular social media

How to create a paid promotion campaign on popular social media


How to create a paid promotion campaign on popular social media? It is pretty quick and not complicated.




First you need to log in to your Facebook Business Manager.

Then navigate to Business Settings, where you either Create or Import an Ad Account.

In the Ad Account click “Create New Ad“, then set your Objective and define the Name of the campaign.

In the following step you will define your Audience, Network and Devices, and then you will create your first Ad Set.

Then you need to set the Budget and Run Dates, add Creative Formats and … launch the campaign.


Creator Studio – to create a great content for Facebook and Instagram


This is a set of advanced tools allowing the user effectively post, manage measure and monetize content across all Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. It allows the user to access new features and monetization options, if eligible.


Objectives and Key Performance Indicators


It is crucial to choose proper objectives and KPIs the Ad Manager should optimize towards the campaigns. On Facebook there are conversion objectives, but they will work only with certain products; and this usually involve low-cost purchases with short sale cycles.

Facebook and Instagram are the most efficient on the stages of Awareness and Consideration. In the conversion category can be used parameter of Store Visits, which can encourage offline conversions.

It is possible to create offers to increase purchase urgency.

Awareness KPIs: Brand Awareness, Reach

Consideration KPIs: Web traffic, app installs, video views, engagement, lead generation, messages

Conversion KPIs: conversions, catalogue sales, store visits


Audience targeting


By definition – helps to show ads to people who are the most relevant and might be the most interested. Targeting is usually based on location, demographics and behavior.

Basic demographics: age, gender and location

Interests: family, hobbies, business, shopping, technology, entertainment

Behaviors: travel, mobile usage, shopping patterns

Detailed demographics: education, job titles, relationship status

Connections: people who liked or do not like the page or events, and people who installed the app

Custom audiences: remarketing lists and similar audiences


Ad location factors


Network placements: choice among G^Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook Partner Sites

Devices: mobile or desktop

Mobile type: system: IoS or Android




Single image: to engage your audience, use a strong single-focus image in your ad

single image format

Carousel: multiple products can be shown in one ad unit; customers are able to scroll right a left to see more products

carousel format

Single video: a natively uploaded video to Ads Manager, highly engages the audience

single video format

Slideshow: a type of lightweight video ads; it is made by animating still images together.

slideshow format

Collection: a direct display of products from e-commerce store on Facebook and Instagram

Lead form: a form collecting contact details from customers to grow the email list

Canvas: a rich and expandable mobile experience to engage users of a mobile app

canva format

Offers: special offers redeemable only of Facebook of Instagram

Events: promotion of organized events

Post engagement: boosting posts from the fan page


How to create a paid campaign on Twitter?


Similarly to the Facebook Ad creation:

  • log in to the Twitter Ads Manager
  • Create a new campaign
  • set the objective and name the campaign (choose between app installs, followers, tweet engagements, promoted video views. website clicks and conversions, app re-engagements, in-stream video views, awareness)
  • set the budget and run dates (choose between budget options: daily budget or optional total budget)
  • upload the creative (choose to promote organic tweet, scheduled tweet or promoted-only tweet)
  • select type of targeting
  • launch the campaign


How to create a paid campaign on LinkedIn?


Similar to other platforms:

  • log to LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  • Create a new campaign
  • choose Ad product
  • give a name to your campaign
  • select the ad objective and type
  • select the content (for promoting and creating your ad)
  • select your audience targeting
  • select your budget, bids and run dates
  • launch the campaign

There are several types of LinkedIn Campaign Objectives:

  • drive website visits
  • send people to the written content
  • get video views
  • collect the leads
  • increase followers
  • get job applications
  • use spotlight ads or dynamic ads


In the matter of creatives, LinkedIn allows articles, images, links, carousel ads and videos.


On LinkedIn the audience can be targeted by:

  • demographics: age, gender, location
  • employment
  • education
  • connections

Available budget options are: daily budgets and optional total budget.


How to create a paid campaign on Snapchat?

A similar walk through:

  • log in to the Snapchat ad manager
  • create a new campaing
  • name your campaign and select its objective
  • select your audience
  • choose your budget and run dates
  • upload your creative
  • launch the campaign


Snapchat has following campaign objectives:

  • app installs
  • drive traffic to website
  • drive traffic to app
  • engagement
  • video views
  • lead generation
  • website conversions

Snapchat allows following creative formats: snap ads, story ads and geofilters.

Audience can be targeted by:

Demographics: age, gender, location



Budget has two options: daily budget or lifetime budget