How to grow and engage audience through social media

How to grow and engage audience through social media?

How to grow and engage audience through social media – this is a primary question from everyone who sets up the business page on one or more social media platforms.

Building social presence adds value to the business. Communities existing on social platforms are social units creating a feeling of fellowship with other participants, by sharing common interests, attitudes and goals. Marketers have to take care for fostering thriving communities.

Business value added presents itself in following areas:

  1. Promotion of the engagement
  2. Increasing brand visibility
  3. Bringing users closer to the brand
  4. Attracting potential customers
  5. Creating a special, welcoming and engaging environment
  6. Fostering brand loyalty and affinity
  7. Fostering trust
  8. Incubating inspiration
  9. Attracting more followers

Best practices to follow meanwhile building your presence on social media:

  1. Try always develop an authentic and consistent brand voice
  2. Be quickly responsive
  3. Always engage with your followers
  4. A majority of content (80%) should be helpful for your audience
  5. Only of fifth of your content (20%) should be promotional
  6. Work out recurring topics
  7. Establish personal identifier
  8. Focus on content which resonates with your audience

There are 4 basic rules of content creation for social media: keep your post content succinct, write relevant and topical posts, include a visible CTA in a link, and include rich media.

In modern times the attention span of social media user is extremely short and the attention needs to be grabbed in the first 3 seconds.  When creating a video, think about the video display with sound off, which will still deliver the message and align the format to the majority of viewers. Do not forget to include the function Play more. Use Live function to transmit the content directly to your users, capturing live events.




Hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash (#) sign.It serves to categorize keywords or topics; in this way users can either find or follow specific conversations which are a point of interest for them. Hashtags increase brand recognition, expand content reach, easily target new consumers, allow brands to join conversations, impact them or simply create new ones.

The best practices for hashtags are:

  1. Use always your SEO keywords
  2. Do not use spaces or punctuation
  3. Use capital letters to increase legibility and readability
  4. Do not use a multitude of hashtags for one topic, 8 is OK, the maximum number should never exceed 20
  5. Keep hashtags short. This will allow to memorize them and make them searchable
  6. Use popular hashtags specific to each platform
  7. Create your own branded hashtag

It exists a technique to include hidden hashtags to your posts. This make the posts cleaner and they look less spammy. You can do it by manipulating the number of characters in your post (so the hashtag will appear below the screen edge)or by inserting line breaks in the caption – the same effect will be triggered (hashtags below screen line).


Guidelines for Facebook posts


Posts on Facebook are excellent to generate engagement with fans and target audiences. They serve to post company news, product announcements and promotions, tips, stories, events and contests. There are 8 types of FB posts:

  1. Text
  2. Photo
  3. Link
  4. Offer
  5. Event
  6. Canvas
  7. Video
  8. Slideshow

Given the statistics, the most viewed type of posts are videos (over 80%), images constitute only 18%, meanwhile links account only for 0.2%.


Twitter and audience engagement


As Twitter is a verbal platform, you need to pay attention to every message written. Once the conversation starts, you need to engage in it. If it is appropriate, add geolocation to your tweets. Measure user engagement in real time and to save space, use link shorteners.

A tweet has only 280 characters, but the most common length is 33 characters. Less than 10% tweets get to the half of the limit (140 characters). Tweets can be enhanced by:

  • links
  • visual assets
  • tweet series
  • hashtags
  • feedback
  • content curation

Tweets best practices:

  1. Check your tweet before posting for your brand: once posted the tweet can’t be edited
  2. Try to tweet in existing conversations; this allows to engage better with the community. Hashtags will increase discoverability.
  3. Add geolocation and make those tweets relevant to your audience.
  4. Measure engagement in the real time by using Tweet Activity
  5. Maximize the space by using link shorteners


Making a campaign on Twitter decide which is your objective:

  • are there web clicks and conversions?
  • do you want to gain more followers?
  • do you want to increase your brand awareness?
  • do you want to have a high level of video views?
  • do you want your app to be downloaded and installed?
  • do you want your existing users to open and use your app?
  • or do you want simply maximize engagement of the tweets and make people talk about your business?


Best practices to post on LinkedIn


  • post daily and post in the morning (professionals start their day from social media too)
  • post professional and helpful posts
  • encourage your employees to share the posts

Best practices to post on Instagram


  • Instagram is a visual social media, keep captions short
  • use maximum 3 hashtags
  • be sure that your images have a strong focal point
  • use filters which make an impact
  • be sure that the company logo is well visible
  • create videos with great quality, behind the scenes or live
  • post spontaneous, unexpected moments
  • share your own, unique business perspective
  • if possible, use social influencers

Every story should be optimized on Instagram:

  • Be convincing and show authenticity of your brand
  • if possible, include “See more” link
  • apply @mentions
  • use social influencers
  • if you post events, have a clear narrative
  • create an Instagram-focused content
  • use native platform tools
  • use videos and boomerangs
  • always include clear CTA


IGTV – Instagram TV


Easy and obvious for “mobile first” generation. It is characterized by a vertical image and full screen. Any video can be uploaded by anyone, up to 60 min length. It is an extension of Instagram inviting to consume longer videos and allow a deeper story telling for a brand.


Best practices to share on Snapchat


Use filters! Geo filters and data filters. But before all, use native tools to enhance the Snap. When you do selfies – use filters! Use different colors and fonts.

  • customize your Snaps with lenses – they augment face, voice or environment in a funny way
  • use sponsored lenses – this is a great way for marketers to either engage the audience or showcase new products or highlight events
  • attract attention by using Discover section: use other’s content
  • use editorial perspective