Metrics and performance of content marketing

Metrics and performance of content marketing

Metrics ans performance of content marketing have several important metrics. The most important is the Return on Investment (ROI), which can be measured by:

  • brand awareness
  • brand conviction
  • conversions and advocacy


ROI is calculated on the basis of:

  • investment in the content
  • how the content is performing
  • long tail benefits

Cost implications of content creation are expressed in:

  • either content ownership or its licensing
  • internal ability to create
  • support from external environment
  • legal matters

How do we assess content utility? It is simple: by downloads and saves, by customer feedback and by plays, click and views.

Content performance is assessed in a slightly different way: by the content recall, by clicks to the point of sale and by the overlaying commercial results related to content activities.


Content metrics should be always aligned to the business goals:

  • awareness: reach, frequency and impressions
  • consideration: engagement, clicks, sentiment
  • sales: clicks leading to basket, abandoned carts, conversions
  • loyalty: repeated purchases, community growth and reviews

What has to be measured?

  • reach (number of people, native reporting, impression sub-metric)
  • engagement (different variants, depending of the platform, it is linked to sentiment, exponential reach factor)
  • sentiment (context, identification of issues, optimization for the audience)
  • clicks and conversions (clearly shown attribution, bounce analysis, measurement of success by returning traffic to the point of sale, UTM tracking)

Metrics should be used to develop a proper strategy:

  • is the content reaching proper audience?
  • is the audience engaging with the content being seeded?
  • what is the sentiment of engagement: positive or negative?
  • how long is the attention span the content is capturing?
  • to which links is the traffic attributed to?

Metrics are usually delivered by Google Analytics, Native Reporting, Hootsuite, Buffer, SproutSocial.