Product photos (packshots)

Packshot / product photos

Packshot is an image of a product (can be still or moving) which is used to portray products in advertising and internet shops. It depicts all the aspects of a product in a great detail, it is a strong stimulus to purchase. The same term (packshot) is used soometimes for product placement in a movie or TV series. Sometimes packshots are “leaked”by purpose to cause a controversy or high demand for the coming product.



5 characteristics of a good packshot:

  1. The product has to be centered and almost entirely fill the canvas.
  2. All insctiptions (if any) need to be clearly visible
  3. The label (company logo and brand) has to be clearly visible.
  4. Lightning should be set very precisely to provide a 3-dimensional perspective of the product.
  5. Colours should be as close as possible to the natural colours of the object photographed.

There are 3 different types of packshots:

  1. Flat
  2. “Ghost” type – typical for clothes – where the person / mannequin has been digitally removed, leaving the object alone, but with the shape of the “person”, what gives a great perception of a 3D
  3. 360° – where the product is photographed multiple timesand then the photographs are conected, what gives a perception of the object in space (turning). Not very popular due to the heavy volume, what slows down the page.

Organisation of product shootings with a professional photographer. Packshots type “ghost”.

Price: 45 chf for 3 packshots of one product (front, back, zoom). Minimum 5 products.