SEO objectives

SEO objectives


SEO objectives are really important:

  • they encourage purchases from the key stakeholders
  • they help formulate SEO strategy
  • they follow objectives and assure that they are met



What should be measured?


  • keywords
  • traffic
  • lead generation
  • reputation / backlinks
  • market share
  • e-commerce
  • revenue from GoogleAds
  • brand and product awareness

Objectives should be defined as SMART. Besides of the obvious SEO objectives like keywords, traffic, conversions and sales, there are also less common objectives to measure:

  • if the business is transactional, what means it has an e-commerce element, the objective should be set up around tracking sales and lead conversions.
  • if the business is non e-commerce, the interest should be around lead generation
  • if the business is informational, the objectives can be more brand and traffic focused; i.e. blogs, large publishers (interest in ad revenue goals and organic traffic)