Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Social media marketing seems a no-brainier, as the publishing usually doesn’t require financial means, and with the proper number of fans the free publicity can travel far. But do not dream that your posts will reach to everyone in your audience; free posts are visible to less and less people. First, the visibility was around 8% of the total of your audience, and with the years was falling and falling (Facebook algorithm), to be currently on the level between 1 and 1.5%, depending of the world region.

But let’s start with the explication, what is the social media marketing.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is a specific form of digital marketing which utilizes social networking platforms in purpose to increase brand and product (or service) exposure, as well as cultivate relationship with customers.

Social media marketing has several undeniable benefits:

  • helps building relationship with customers
  • is agile
  • gives great flexibility with creative assets
  • usually brings high ROI

Responsibilities of social media marketer

  • development of relevant content topics
  • creating, managing and curating of all the published content
  • listening and monitoring community, responding
  • growing and nurturing the community
  • designing of social assets
  • management of promotions and social campaigns
  • analyzing, reporting and reviewing ROI linked to key metrics
  • supervision of trends
  • identification of opportunities and threats


Social media marketing situates at the top of buyer’s journey (sale’s funnel). Social media have impact on the entire funnel, but the strongest one is awareness and engagement.


Key social platforms

Known to everyone, but let’s make a list:

  • Facebook: the biggest social platform, very effective in terms of channels for social reach
    • newsfeed: a focal point of content discovery on every social platform, where posts from friends are displayed, place for a display for brands the fan is connected with, and advertisement from organizations wanting to connect
    • profile: exists for non-commercial users and represents individuals
  • Instagram: great for curated photos and video
    • activity: a feature similar to newsfeed, divided into “Following2 and “You” section. Keeps users up to date on recent activitioes of people they follow
  • Twitter: ideal for rel-time conversations

    • tweet: a communication on Twitter, limited to 280 signs
  • LinkedIn: excellent for professional networking

    • connection: simply a person in your network
  • Snapchat: good for story-telling
    • snap: a temporary photo or video taken on the platform, can include text, stickers, art, filters, bitmojis

Hashtags # are excellent tools for marketers to increase brand recognition, target new customers and expand reach.