Akeneo PIM system implementation for Remy Cointreau

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective data management is crucial for companies seeking to gain a competitive edge. Remy Cointreau, a renowned spirits company, recognized the need for a robust Product Information Management (PIM) system to centralize and streamline their data processes.

To meet this demand, Remy Cointreau turned to me for Akeneo PIM system implementation, a leading PIM solution. Here is how I constructed the Akeneo PIM architecture:


Creating the Akeneo configuration


One of the first steps in implementing Akeneo for Remy Cointreau was the creation of the Akeneo configuration, or more said, a skeleton pf data. This involved defining more than 200 attributes and organizing them into three distinct levels, taking insto consideration diversification into brands. These attributes encompassed a wide range of product information, such as product names, descriptions, ingredients, packaging details, and marketing materials. The configuration process was meticulous, ensuring that the attributes accurately represented the diverse range of products offered by Remy Cointreau. By creating a well-structured configuration, Remy Cointreau could ensure consistent and standardized data across their product catalog.


Leveraging rules for data management


To further enhance data management, I implemented rules within Akeneo. Rules allowed for the automation of data processing and validation, reducing the risk of human error and expediting the time-consuming manual tasks. These rules encompassed a variety of aspects, such as data transformations, validations, and enrichments. For instance, rules were applied to automatically apply the product name if the product has a special edition, recalculate metric to imperial system or enrich product descriptions with SEO-friendly keywords. By harnessing the power of rules, I significantly improved data accuracy and efficiency.


The parallel imperial system of data


This requirement came at the later stage, when the architecture was already validated by the commanding heights. As the imperial system is widely used in United States of America and imperial values were required for syndication with e-retailers (like Amazon or Walmart) I had to implement a set of additional attributes recalculating metric values into imperial ones. It became a parallel imperial system of data for the same product. This system allowed for the simultaneous management of multiple localized versions of product data, ensuring compliance with regional regulations, language variations, and cultural nuances. The parallel imperial system facilitated efficient data synchronization, enabling Remy Cointreau to swiftly adapt to market demands and maintain consistency across their global operations.


Akeneo PIM system implementation: benefits and future


My Akeneo PIM system implementation has brought numerous benefits to Remy Cointreau. Firstly, the centralization of product data has improved data visibility and accessibility. It also enabled teams across different departments and regions to work cohesively. This enhanced collaboration has resulted in better-informed decision-making processes and improved overall efficiency. Secondly, the automation of data management tasks through rule-based processes I implemented has reduced manual effort and minimized the risk of errors. This has allowed Remy Cointreau to allocate their resources more strategically, focusing on value-added activities rather than routine data management.

Looking ahead, Remy Cointreau can continue to leverage Akeneo’s PIM capabilities to drive further innovation and growth. With a solid foundation in place, they can advance with their digital asset management, localization workflows, and omnichannel publishing. By harnessing these functionalities, Remy Cointreau can enhance customer experiences. They can also optimize product launches, and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic spirits industry.

My Akeneo PIM system implementation is a success. Currently rolled over USA and UK, It has revolutionized data management for Remy Cointreau. Through the creation of the Akeneo configuration, the utilization of rules, and the implementation of a parallel imperial system of data, Remy Cointreau has achieved centralized, standardized, and efficient product data management. This has resulted in improved collaboration, reduced manual effort, and enhanced data accuracy. The benefits of this implementation extend beyond streamlined data management. They also contribute to better decision-making, improved operational efficiency, and a strengthened competitive position in the spirits industry.

Time frame: March 2021 – June 2023