4 languages, 2 nationalities, 1 passion: WEB

My vision: being the best choice for SMEs at providing customer-tailored solutions


Owner of the prestigious federal diploma of Web Project Manager

Six years’ experience as Executive Director at the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA).

Development of MOOCs for the first time ever, for the Federation of International Red Cross Associations (IFRC), in cooperation with Google, at Mountain View, California

Development and management of web-based online shops Altaïa and Calavera, coordinating work of photographers, producers and setting up the supply chain of products

Development of web pages, instructional designs and info-graphic platforms for various institutions

Public Health institution: managing procurement and budget up to 10 million Euros/year

Informatics company: setting-up advanced digital reporting and functionalities

Justyna Wilaszek Lalos