Product customization for Duralex

In the competitive landscape of today’s market, product customization has become a key aspect for businesses to stand out and meet the unique preferences of their customers. Duralex, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality glassware, recognizes the significance of product customization and has embarked on a journey to provide tailored products to their clients.


Product customization for Duralex: how all started


Duralex understands that a user-friendly application is essential for customers to seamlessly personalize their products. Duralex has his shop on Shopify, after several tests of different applications, I recommended Zepto to achieve the required outcome. I have meticulously configured the application to ensure ease of use and a smooth customization process. The application design allows to guide users through the customization options, allowing them to make choices based on their preferences and requirements.


Design of custom screens


As the customization has been launched on French market, every screen has been customized to display information in French: the button on the Product Display Page (“PERSONNALISEZ-MOI”) redirects the customer to the customization process:

On the following page, the customer is selecting the desired options:

I configured separately each tab (one tab per glass), where the customer needs to confirm that the customization is correct for each of the glass in the pack. No changes are possible after clicking the payment button (the production triggers right after, and the product is delivered in a record time). By making these fields compulsory, I guaranteed that every customization request is complete and accurate, minimizing the risk of errors or omissions.

I configured screens confirming creation of customization:


And confirmation of adding to the basket:

Customization project Duralex

Finishing by the final screen confirming, that the product is in the basket:

Customization project Duralex

Adding parameters for fonts and font size


Personalization extends beyond the visual aspects of a product. Duralex provides customers with the ability to select their preferred fonts. This enables them to add a personal touch to their chosen product. By incorporating font types, I ensured that customers can express their unique style and preferences through their customized products. I fixed the font size once and for a fixed value, as the quality department approved only one size. But there are ongoing tests to introduce a variable font size in the near future.

Formatting images to engraving company requirements


Duralex understands that image engraving is a popular customization choice for their customers. To comply with the requirements of engraving companies, I implemented image formatting options within their application. All outgoing images are in a PDF format. These options ensure that images of the customization displayed to customers are properly formatted . They also meet the specifications of the engraving process. The engraving company picks the PDFs from the system and transforms the wish into a in high-quality and accurate engravings on the glassware.


Product customization for Duralex: configuration of purchase basket

As requested by the customer, I reconfigured the purchase basket to accommodate the display: the basket displays links to the designs and the type of font used: it reflect the customer’s selected customization, providing a clear and transparent overview of the order.

Customization project Duralex

Matching design to customer’s graphic chart


I recognize the importance of brand consistency and customer satisfaction. When working with corporate clients or individuals with specific branding requirements, I ensure that the design of the developments aligns with the customer’s graphic chart. This attention to detail allows customers to reinforce their brand identity. For that reason I introduced a custom code in the application to make all displays in customer’s orange color.


Product customization for Duralex: exclusion of field information in the purchase basket

To avoid confusion and simplify the purchase process, I have excluded certain field information from the purchase basket. Non-essential details that do not directly impact the final product are omitted from the checkout process. This streamlines the customer experience, allowing them to complete their purchase efficiently.


Duralex’s commitment to customization goes beyond mere personalization. Product customization for Duralex was a complex task, finished by a fully compliant delivery.  By focusing on various aspects such as application configuration, I ensured that customers can create truly unique products that reflect their individuality. With a seamless and user-friendly customization process, Duralex continues to exceed customer expectations. The company is providing now a personalized touch to their exceptional glassware.