Week 1: 07.02-13.02.2024

Week 1: 07.02-13.02.2024

Actions undertaken: all competitors have been analyzed and the most sought keywords corresponding to the nature of the business of BeeInStyle have been extracted from their websites.

A first set of articles on the blog has been written and optimized with Yoast:

The tote bag chronicles: a stylish companion with a rich history

The evolution and iconic history of wallets

Clutches: the birth of elegance

Card holder: unveiling the timeless elegance

Hobo bags: embracing effortless chic

Shoulder bags evolution: a stylish journey through time

Saint Valentine’s Day: how it all started?

Organic search:

First results start to be visible:


A slight uptake in the number of users in comparison to the 31.01-06.02.2024: 1.5%

Event count:

Significant increase in event count (page view, view item, session start, scroll, user engagement): 38.3%

Engagement rate:

Remarkable increase in engagement rate: 16.5%

Page view:

A significant raise in the page views: 47.6%

View item:

Number of events “view item” almost doubled in the comparison to the previous 7 days: 89.6% raise

Session start:

Slight uptake in the events “session start” in the comparison to the previous 7 days: 13.6%