Week 2: 14.02-20.02.2024

Week 2: 14.02-20.02.2024

Two new articles have been published:

Crossbody bag craze: a fashion evolution

PINK Leather bag: statement of style

Still waiting for the owner’s creation of the Google Business profile, what would improve the visibility of the site.

Organic results:

Impressions are in rise, 20.8% in the comparison to the previous week – the new articles have been indexed by google and are served to general public. The number of clicks dramatically jumped up: 250% (in the previous week there were 4). Site CTR improved significantly: from 0.4% two weeks ago to 1.6% (CTR is the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions). Average position is still the 4th page in Google, but is slightly improving (this takes time).

On the February 15th a Facebook publicity paid campaign has been launched, with the budget of 1 USD per day.

Between 15 and 20 of February the publicity brought 37 clicks to the site, with two most performing ads for pink and black bag.


Due to the paid publicity the total number of users rose 130.9%, new users who arrived to the site were 150, that’s 141.9% rise in the comparison with the previous week.

Event count:

Event count is on the rise and grew again 32.1% in the comparison to the value last week.

Engagement rate:

Engagement rate is slightly down in the comparison to the last week, what is normal in the case of paid publicity (users click on the image, land on the site and state, that it is not what they were looking for).

Page view:

The number of page views grew 21.3% in the comparison to the previous week (from 437 to 530 page views per week).

View item:

Event “view item” had a growth of 30.8% in the comparison to the previous week.

Session start:

Event “session start” was on the rise, from 100 to 176 session starts (76% growth).