Week 4: 28.02-05.03.2024

Week 4: 28.02-05.03.2024

Two new articles have been published:

International Women’s Day: achievements, unity and equality

St. Patrick’s Day: a global celebration of Irish heritage

Organic results:

The number of impressions is continuously growing, although the number of organic clicks remains fairy stable. Position fluctuates around mid 4th page. More articles with hot topics are necessary.

Organic 4 weeks summary:

Week Impressions Clicks
Week 1 737 4
Week 2 890 14
Week 3 1089 10
Week 4 1286 11

It is important to remark here that the falling trend in impressions has been reversed.

Google Analytics:


Slight drop in the users number, nut this is normal, as there is the same budget for the publicity (publicity wears off).

Event count:

Slight increase in the event count (only 0.3%)

Engagement rate:

Engagement rate grew slightly in the comparison to the previous week (+2.8%), what is a good trend.

Page view:

Small drop in page views from the previous week, but still on the rising trend.

View item:

Way more item viewers, what is excellent, as this is a step closer to the purchase (+31.2% comparing to the previous week)

Session start:

A very small increase in session numbers comparing to the previous week (+0.9%)

Current works in the shop are related to improving quality of photos (removing black background, sharpening), as well as improved product descriptions to improve SEO.